The University of Alabama

Recruitment Schedule

This Fall, the IFC structured recruitment process will consist of three days of recruitment activities. During this time potential new members will be given an opportunity to meet with the IFC chapters and tour on campus houses. We look forward to a strong recruitment this year and a bright future. The schedule is as follows:

Kickoff of IFC recruitment and IFC meet and greet.

Sunday, August 20th

Location: TBD

Recruits will have the opportunity to meet the IFC Chapters and obtain contact information to assist them with the Recruitment process. This event will be mandatory for any recruit who intends to accept a bid from an IFC fraternity this fall.

IFC Open House Tours

Monday, August 21st

Recruits will be split into blocks and have the opportunity to tour the IFC houses on campus. This portion of the process will be led by the Greek Ambassadors. Recruits will have the opportunity to see houses in person and get to know some of the brothers.

IFC Open House Tours: Invite Only

Tuesday, August 22nd

Based on the previous two days of recruitment, houses will invite recruits back to the house for a more personalized tour. Here, recruits will be able to get to know the houses and the brothers in a smaller group setting.

*Please direct all recruitment questions to

**It is important to note that making a PNM profile while registering recruitment does not gain you access to recruitment activities. The recruitment fee must be paid in order to participate in recruitment and receive and accept a bid